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respectful boys

Monthly PBIS Reward Schedule


8/30/19 - Ned Show



9/27/19- Snowballs



10/31/19 - Class-or-Treat



11/22/19 - Obstacle Course



12/20/19 - Pajama Jam



1/31/20 - Field Trip



2/21/20 - Mardi Gras Masquerade



3/27/20 - Nachos



5/1/20 - Cool Pop and Play



5/26/19 - Behavior Bash

GCE PBIS Rewards

Appropriate Behaviors Are Acknowledged

Once appropriate behaviors have been defined and taught, they need to be acknowledged on a regular basis. GCE has designed a formal system that rewards positive behaviors.

  • Cub Cash: 
    • These are used as immediate forms of feedback by each individual teacher. They are used as a tool of encouragement and a student motivator.
    • All staff and bus drivers can give any student Cub Cash whether they teach that student or not. Cub Cash are given to all students for displaying expected behaviors.  NOTE:  Students should immediately write his/her name on the back of the Cub Cash in case lost.
    • Students will collect Cub Cash and will redeem for Reward Coupons from teachers.  Cub Cash and Reward Coupons are included in the appendix.  Students can also redeem Cub Cash for individual class rewards set by teachers.
    • Teachers will turn in redeemed Cub Cash which will be used for random rewards and for teacher rewards.
    • Teachers will track rewards that students purchase with Cub Cash each month.  Tally sheet is due to PBIS administrator the first school day of the following month to be charted.
  • Student of the Month:  Each month, homeroom and planning teachers select one student from the class that has exhibited the monthly character focus (listed above).  Students are given a tag to wear the entire month that identifies them as a “Student of the Month” and they are rewarded with the following:
    • Monday:  eat with a friend on stage
    • Tuesday:  snack in class from home
    • Wednesday:  planning of choice
    • Thursday:  ½ price snacks
    • Friday:  dress down
  • Monthly PBIS Activity (A/B Conduct): Students who maintain either an A or a B in conduct weekly average will be rewarded with monthly activities listed on the PBIS Calendar of Acknowledgement/Reward Activities. In addition, students cannot have major office referrals (school or bus) during the reward cycle.
  • Positive Behavior Referral:  Students can be recognized for demonstrating positive behavior that reflects Grand Caillou Elementary’s PAWS expectations.  Teachers will submit to administration.  Administration will choose a few to read each day.  Students will be invited to office to receive a reward and the Positive Behavior Referral is returned to the student to be brought home.